原标题:2021 考研英语(二)写作真题解析

Section IV Writing

Part A

47. Directions: Suppose you are organizing an online meeting, write an email to Jack, an international student to

1) invite him to participate, and

2) Tell him about the details.

You should write about 100 words on the ANSWER SHEET. Do not use your one name. Use “Li Ming” instead. (10 points)

47. 【作文范文】

Dear Jack,

My name is Li Ming, chairman of the Students’ Union in our university. It is my honor to organize the forthcoming online meeting on Chinese-European culture exchange, and I am writing this email to cordially invite you to participate in this meeting.

Due to the widespread impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is been decided that this meeting will be hold online at 10 am this Saturday, via the software called Tencent Online. We are hoping that you could give us a 15-minute talk about the culture in your motherland, or any culture shock you have experienced after coming to China. It doesn’t have to be a formal one, but I believe it will definitely become meaningful information for us all.

We truely hope you could give me a favorable reply, and leave us a wonderful memory in this meeting.

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming




由于目前的 COVID-19 疫情影响广泛,会议决定于本周六上午 10 点通过名为腾讯在线的软件在线举行。我们希望您能准备 15 分钟的演讲,谈谈您祖国的文化,或者您来中国后所经历的任何文化冲击。它不必是一个正式的演说,但我相信它一定会成为对所有人有意义的信息。





首先,从形式来讲,2021 考研英语(二)小作文的出题形式基本和历年真题保持一致,给出一个简要的指导,且依旧延续了历年小作文两点提纲的风格。其次,从难易程度上来看,2021 考研英语(二)基本也和历年真题持平。题目属于邀请信,围绕一个在线会议展开话题,具体来说就是邀请一位留学生“Jack”来参加“你”所筹办的一次在线会议。题目中要求除了在信中表达邀请之外,还要给出会议的一些细节信息。因此,考生在写信件主体段内容时,注意需要给出会议的主题、时间、方式、希望对方参与的活动等。最后,有关会议的安排,仔细分析, 跟 2015 年考研英语(二)小作文有相似之处,该年题目是关于大学运动会的通知,涉及活动必然要求写明活动起止时间、持续时间以及活动地点,所以,认真备考过的考生在写第二点提纲时可以借鉴 2015 年背过的句式及表达进行写作。

Part B

48. Directions: Write an essay based on chart below. In your writing,you should

(1) interpret the chart,and

(2) give your comments

You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET(15points)

48. 【作文范文】

According to a survey on different ways for residents to do their physical exercises in a certain city, “doing exercise alone” accounts for more than half, namely 54.3%, which is followed by “exercising with friends”(47.7%). In comparison, fewer people (23.9%) choose to do exercise with families or join group activities (15.8%).

A number of factors may account for the phenomenon. On one hand, with the increasing pressure people face in their work and life, most adults are occupied with loads of duties at work and piles of chores at home, thus it is quite difficult to make an appointment with friends or join a group to do physical exercise. Instead, they have to do it alone at any time suited to themselves. On the other, nowadays many young adults opt for working and living in a metropolis when they grow up or graduate, far away from their hometown, which makes it almost impossible to do any exercises with families.

From the analysis above, a conclusion can be drawn that the trend of people doing physical exercise solitarily may become more prevalent in the future.


对某市居民体育锻炼方式的调查显示,“单独锻炼”占一半以上,占 54.3%,其次是“与朋友一起锻炼”(47.7%)。相比之下,选择与家人一起锻炼(23.9%)或参加集体活动的人较少






表示增减的动词:increase, go up, rise, soar up /decrease, decline, dwindle, reduce.


1. the number data show---used at the beginning of the introduction or body paragraph 2.the first...shows .... while the second... shows ---used at the beginning of the introduction when there are two sets of data.

3. the number of ... follows a remarkably similar trend---used at the beginning of a body paragraph to provide an overview when two ore more sets of data display similar trends


4. increased through out the period from.. to .. implies that the graph is linear 5.the number /amount of ...varied form




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