Our Core Values

  • Connection We work together, play together, and support each other as we nurture our community, honor our private lives, and affirm our commitment to the wider world. 
  • Aging in Community We promote caring and supportive relationships while expecting our members to be able to live independently and/or to be responsible for their own health and personal care.
  • Respect We honor and support the inherent dignity and worth of each member of our community.
  • Joyfulness We cherish humor, creativity, playfulness, and fun.
  • Beauty We strive to surround ourselves with beauty that delights the senses and nourishes the soul.
  • Resilience We attend to our differences with openness, kindness, and flexibility, with faith that we will work things out.
  • Diversity We welcome the diversity of experience, perspectives, ways of being, and economic situations of our members and strive to integrate this diversity into a thriving community.
  • Sustainability We strive to use the resources of our planet wisely and to lighten our imprint on the earth.
  • Mutual Responsibility We accept responsibility for the well-being of our community, and commit our time and talents to supporting it.  

We no longer meet or accept members.

Screen Door Cohousing

Asheville, NC 28803, US