Our path to "forever home"

How We Came Together

Spring 2017, a sizable and diverse group of people from NC and beyond read the "Senior Cohousing Handbook" by Charles Durrett and participated in a facilitated nine-week cohousing study group. A core group decided to move forward toward intentional community membership.

Where We Are Today

We are presently an enthusiastic and growing core group with a common vision: creating a caring community in which we'll have the privacy of cozy, sustainable, elder-friendly residences and the extra amenities and camaraderie afforded by ample common space. We believe life is easier, often cheaper, and certainly more fun with other people around..

Anticipated Timeline

  • At this time we've hit a major roadblock in rapidly escalating land and construction costs. Although we are uncertain of our future, we remain focused on aging in community rather than alone or in institutional settings. We are exploring existing communities and other Asheville assets that may be more affordable than new construction.